Wow recycling bags!

This is a bag that I got when I bought a few things in India. I took it home and saved it to bring back to Bahrain with me as an example.  It’s made of recycled newspapers.

Everyone uses them in Kerala (at least in the shops that I went to)!  I didn’t get any plastic bags at all.  How economical and ecologically friendly! And so pretty!

It’s funny how when society advances, its care for our beloved earth reduces.

Please stop using plastic bags!

You can now find recyclable bags everywhere (most are made of material but the one in the picture above is also very interesting).  I just love it.

At least I feel that I’m doing my bit to help this earth while I’m here.

Let me know what you think..

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One response to “Wow recycling bags!

  1. Hello Alia!
    I just got back from Kerala!I had the great opportunity to meet Dott. Sanbhu, I had a week treatments there with him at Ayushia Ayurvedic Center…has been “intense” indeed as you said, but amazing for the body.Now I feel much better and I’m going ahead with a vegetarian diet. Ayurveda is something really interesting and worthful.
    Nice to hear your interview to Dott.Sambhu!
    All the best,
    Elisa from Milano – Italy

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