More Cancer Answers!

** This is very important.  It could save your life **

If you or a loved one have cancer, you’ve come to the right place.

I’m not claiming to have the cure, but I sure can give you options!

Alternative and complementary therapies have been healing cancer for decades.  DO NOT be cornered into making a decision about one of the lousy options that your doctor might give you: chemotherapy, radiation, surgery.  Aargh!  You have much better choices!

** Here is the original article Cancer AnswerI wrote a few days ago **

If you’re interested, here are some ideas on where you should look.  Do the research, see what fits best with your case, and what makes most sense to you.  For most of these, you don’t even have to travel to them; you can implement their method at home by following their manuals.

And I’m sure there are a lot more that I’m still not aware of (especially in India and East Asia).  If you have any more to add to this list please give me their details in a comment below.

Just make sure that you speak to them, research their methods and gear yourself up for knowledge.  Your body should be able to do the rest.

Great DVD on Healing Cancer Naturally

This is one of the most amazing DVDs on healing Cancer naturally.  It is all you will need to watch to be convinced that the natural route is the best one when it comes to cancer treatment.  Just watch it and be the judge.  Here’s where you can find it: Healing Cancer From Inside Out DVD

In fact, you can watch the trailer right here:

Another interesting cancer story is Kriss Carr’s Crazy Sexy Cancer.  Watch her DVD and start implementing her tips.  Great uplifting cancer story.

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4 responses to “More Cancer Answers!

  1. my partner of 30 years was diagnosed last year with stage 4 renal cancer. he has no insurance. it has been up to him to take control of this situation and seek alternative healing methods, the cost of which has come out of his own pocket. he was just about thrown out of an oncologist’s office because he refused the doctor’s chemotherapy regimen. doctors are no longer healers, they have become the local drug pusher. my friend uses many of the listed alternative therapies such as juicing, changing his diet, working on his anger, coffee enemas, ozone therapy, the use of enzymes, etc. and is still alive and kicking. i will never forget his condition during the 10 days he did take the chemo pills. i thought, if the cancer doesn’t kill him, this drug certainly will. i actually saw a skeleton superimposed on his face during the chemo ordeal, as if it were already taking his life. his health improved and he became stronger upon refusing further chemo medication. even if he does pass, at least his remaining years were spent living and being, instead of turning into a drug induced vegetable by succumbing to the poisons offered by the medical industry. we don’t have health care in this country, we have disease management.

  2. !بارك الله فيك يا أم ليث

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