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Growing up, I was exactly like you.  I thought cancer was a horrible disease that had a dead-end prognosis.  It was the disease everyone was too afraid to talk about.

But something changed.

During my nutrition college days, I read a book called ‘A Time To Heal’ by Beata Bishop.  This book changed the way I look at cancer and disease forever.  It is written by a British journalist who was diagnosed with one of the most severe forms of cancer in the 1980s.  She chose to ditch the medical route and went alternative.  Her recovery story was (and continues to be) an inspiration to many.

A quick video

In this short video, you can see Charlotte Gerson speak about the Gerson therapy that her father started in the 1930s.  I absolutely love her!

Real Prevention

So this post is NOT about another ‘cancer campaign’ or ‘cancer research’.  It is about REAL prevention and healing.

First, let me bust some myths.

  • Cancer cells are not ‘enemy’ cells.  We all have cancer cells in our body.  Cancer cells start multiplying uncontrollably when our immune system fails at keeping them in check.
  • Cancer is not a disease that you develop ‘suddenly’, it is a disease that takes years to develop, sometimes for 10 years or more until a lump is detected.
  • Cancer cells don’t come along because of ‘bad luck’, they multiply because the person is leading a lifestyle that promotes the disease.  Diet, exercise, and nutritional status all play a big role in the prevention of cancer.

It’s hard to get Cancer

Contrary to common belief, it is actually very hard to get cancer.  Because our bodies are made to survive, healing is always top priority for our systems.  That’s why you see people living happily in spite of their horrible food and lifestyle habits.  Our bodies have amazing bounce-back abilities and it takes A LOT to get a disease as serious as cancer.

Cancer is the disease that tells us that this was the final straw.  We caused so much damage that coping is no longer possible.

Preventing Cancer

The ironic thing is that everybody is afraid of cancer but nobody is willing to do what it takes to prevent it.  Consider this:

  • Cancer cells feed on sugar and salt.  How much of those are you having?
  • Cancer cells thrive in an acidic environment, meaning the acidity caused by consuming meat and other animal products (including dairy products).  When was the last time you considered vegetables and beans for a meal?
  • Cancer develops when the body is unable to efficiently remove its toxic load.  An overload of toxins such as smoke, mercury from amalgam fillings, pesticides, and others can burden the system and make it more susceptible to disease.
  • Cancer cells usually multiply in the body’s weakest point.  Basically, they stay where there is least resistance.  For example, if you’ve always had weak lungs, then cancer cells are more likely to multiply there when your body gets sick.
  • Cancer cells also grow due to various nutrient deficiencies.  If your body does not have enough nutrients to build a healthy immune and detoxification  systems, it will not be able to stay on top of things.  A great example is the connection between vitamin D deficiency and cancer.  This simple vitamin that we get from the sun is crucial for cancer protection.  How much sun did you get today?
  • Cancer cells cannot thrive in an oxygenated environment.  Not only do we not exercise enough to get oxygen through our systems, most of us are so stressed and overworked that we tend to be constantly in a state of shallow-breathing.
  • And let us not forget the emotional effect on cancer.  Anger, hostility, jealousy… all these emotions increase acidity and make your cells more likely to go in the wrong direction.  As Deepak Chopra says, “every cell in your body is eavesdropping on your thoughts.”

What would you do if you got cancer?

Most people run to their doctors.  They want the cancer out as soon as possible.
And most doctors resort to harsh measures such as chemotherapy, radiation, or surgery.

Very few people will have a chance to realise that their cancer cells are their own.  They are not ‘enemy’ cells that have invaded.  They are their own body cells that are screaming out for help.

When your body gets cancer, it is not deficient in chemotherapy chemicals.  That’s not what it wants.  Nor is it trying to get rid of an organ through surgery.  It is looking for healing; it is looking for a refill of nutrients; it is looking for love and care.  Sadly, none of these options are offered in today’s medical system.

The road less traveled

In the book I mentioned earlier, Beata Bishop chose one of the most amazing alternative cancer treatments out there.  It’s called the Gerson Therapy. They have had millions of recovered terminal cancer cases and they’re still doing it.  This therapy is based on detoxifying the body and giving it what it needs as it heals itself from cancer. From juicing to enemas, visualization, and more, this therapy is where I would go first.

Look it up.  Educate yourself.  This information is priceless if you or a loved one has cancer.  Do not get cornered into taking the chemo or surgery route.  Remember: you have other options.  And they work!

Other than the Gerson Therapy, there various centres around the world who have had success healing cancer.  I have put up names and details of various alternative cancer centres in this post entitled More Cancer Answers; have a look, it could save your life.

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11 responses to “Cancer Answer

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  2. Thank you, Alia. I have never known about the power of alternative methods on cancer. You really changed the way I see cancer now. Knowledge is so empowering and hope-giving.

  3. my partner of 30 years was diagnosed last year with stage 4 renal cancer. he has no insurance. it has been up to him to take control of this situation and seek alternative healing methods, the cost of which has come out of his own pocket. he was just about thrown out of an oncologist’s office because he refused the doctor’s chemotherapy regimen. doctors are no longer healers, they have become the local drug pusher. my friend uses many of the listed alternative therapies such as juicing, changing his diet, working on his anger, coffee enemas, ozone therapy, the use of enzymes, etc. and is still alive and kicking. i will never forget his condition during the 10 days he did take the chemo pills. i thought, if the cancer doesn’t kill him, this drug certainly will. i actually saw a skeleton superimposed on his face during the chemo ordeal, as if it were already taking his life. his health improved and he became stronger upon refusing further chemo medication. even if he does pass, at least his remaining years were spent living and being, instead of turning into a drug induced vegetable by succumbing to the poisons offered by the medical industry. we don’t have health care in this country, we have disease management.

  4. That was really helpful article… Thanks for that and keep updating…

  5. Well done as usual. Thank you 🙂

  6. its very helpful article, please send me the updates when available.

    Thanks alot.

  7. Does anyone actually know anyone who used the Gerson Theory and was healed? I have a dear friend with stage 4 breast cancer.

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  10. hi all, i was just sent an article about the incredible healing powers of asparagus for cancer. as with amy email, you never know if its true or not. do you have any views? or information about asparahus healing cancer?

  11. Salam Alia,
    So does this work even if a person already went through the conventional therapy i.e. chemo or radiation?

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