Message from God

As you probably know by now, my whole trip to India was very ‘intense‘.

** If you don’t know what I’m talking about, see my other posts on Kerala Chronicles **

One last story

I have to write about one last thing before I end my Kerala Chronicles.  It was very interesting.

On my last night in India, I decided to have an early dinner, alone, watching the sunset.  So I went to a great restaurant on Kovalam beach called Fusion.  I took my book, ordered a good meal, and sat down watching the sunset and pondering my life and what the future holds.

On the table next to me, a middle aged Indian man said hello and woke me from my daydreaming.  I looked at him and returned his greeting.  He thought I was from India.  I told him I’m Arab and proceeded to open my book to read.  I really wanted to be alone with my thoughts.  I had a lot to think about.

But he persisted.  He asked me where I was from and when I said Bahrain, he said he comes to Bahrain to lecture.  Oh, ok, I thought.

Then he volunteered his story.

He is a reverend.  But he used to be a school teacher.  In 1986, while he was still a school teacher, his wife got seriously ill.  Her illness made him decide to fast.  So he fasted for 40 days.  And on the 38th day of fasting, Jesus appeared to him.  He was telling him to pursue the word of God.  Over time, Jesus appeared to him several times so he decided to become a reverend.  His wife made a complete recovery.  And he became a firm believer that Jesus is our saviour.  He now lectures around the world, including the UK and Bahrain and he also heals people.

Interesting story so far, right? Wait, it gets better…

Then, he says, “I believe there’s a reason why I became a reverend and a reason why you came to Kerala and to this restaurant tonight.  I have a message for you from God.”

Really? I put my book aside and finally gave him my full undivided attention.  This was getting interesting!

“God wants you to know that he loves you and that he has a plan for you,” he stated.

“Oh…  Thank you,” I blurted, not knowing what to say to that.

He then paid his bill and left the restaurant and I never saw him again.

I went back to staring at the sunset, with a million thoughts fighting for my attention.

What do you think about this story?  I really want to know what you think…

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6 responses to “Message from God

  1. Maybe a Soothsayer trying to make a quick buck….. ?

  2. This dude was a born-again preacher/reverend who was trying his hand at trying to convert you .. don’t worry I don’t hate Christians.. i am one myself however,

    I don’t believe in quacks.

    If he lectures in Bahrain, then you will find him around those illegal churches in Segaiya..

  3. If you fast for 40 days straight, you’re bound to see either Jesus, an angel, a saint or even the devil. Hey if it makes him happy, and his wife is living a normal, healthy life, then why not?

  4. I would imagine you believe there is a *plan* to your life even now, yes? Do you think what you do is random and meaningless? I believe there is a “plan” to my life …. I just don’t like the plan sometimes! George

  5. There is an appointed time for everything and there is a time for every purpose under heaven.
    A time to be born and a time to die,
    A time to sow and a time to reap.

    We meet different people in our everyday life but we fail to see “JESUS” in them.
    Jesus came because of our sins and died so that we may have life in full.
    Give God your prime time and your life will be a blissful one.
    Leave your future in God’s caring hands.

  6. Salam.

    God loves you. He loves me. He loves everyone (there are a few miserable exceptions out there who make it their life’s purpose to attract God’s wrath, which is an impossible feat to achieve “unintentionally”).
    So, to the kind reverend I say: That’s nothing new. We know God loves us and has a plan for each and everyone of us. Don’t we…all?
    The question each of us needs to really ponder individually is: Do we love God back? In practice, I mean, not just with words, that is..

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