Holiday Indian-style!

While everything was quiet here in Bahrain this weekend, we celebrated Indian-style!  On Saturday, we had a ‘Dosa party’ brunch.  Gracy made some delicious dosa (a rice-based dosa and a bean-based dosa) with scrumptious toppings.  If you are not familiar with dosa, I guess the closest thing to it would be pancakes (but it’s more savoury than sweet).

You can see some of the selection in the photo above.

The lighter-coloured type of dosa is made from brown rice, urid dhal (white lentils) and fenugreek. Everything is soaked in water the day before, then blended, then cooked like pancakes.  I don’t know too many cooking details because I still cannot make it myself.

The other type of dosa is made from a blend of different beans and lentils, which are also soaked and blended and then cooked like pancakes.

To go with that, we had some lovely toppings:  hummus and zaatar, a mint dip, a coriander/coconut chutney, eggplant/lentil sauce, and some potato mash.  Oh, and some honey as well.  They were all D.E.L.I.C.I.O.U.S!

I would highly recommend you go Indian over your next holiday.  Yum!

That’s all from me for today…

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