Almond scrub

I’ve spent the last 45 minutes experimenting with something very interesting! Thanks Noor!

It all started when..

A few months ago Almond milk became part of our daily lives.  I made home-made almond milk which we started using for everything: porridge, cereal, mashed potatoes, and even pancakes (yes, we do have pancakes sometimes).

When you make almond milk, you blend the almonds and water together, then you sift everything in a cotton cloth.  What you end up with is lovely creamy almond milk (see exactly how to make it here) BUT you are also left with a powdery muddy pile of almond residue that you just throw out.

What a waste!

Since then, I’ve been trying to find a recipe for that residue but I wasn’t happy with anything online.  If you have any good recipes for the dry almond residue, let me know.


I was speaking to Noor this morning and she gave me a wonderful idea.  She has made a powerful switch to almond milk after she found out that cow’s milk and soya milk are no good.  And she is now a big fan of almond milk, just like I am!  But she has gone a step further…

Noor suggested I try making the almond residue into a scrub.  She said she mixes it with a bit of honey and uses it as a scrub for the face and even for the whole body!  “Hmmmm, interesting,” I thought.

So I went home and made sure to keep the almond residue after making today’s batch of almond milk. I then poured in some honey and had a lot of fun mixing it together and eating most of it.

I used it as a facial scrub, and I must say OH MY GOD!  She’s absolutely right.  It is wonderful.  It leaves the skin soooo smooth and sooooo soft!  You will only believe me when you try it.

Here’s a picture of my almond/honey mix.  I guess you can make it more gewy and use it as a mask (maybe mixed in with yoghurt or something).  I can’t wait to have an almond bath next time!

Thanks Noor 😉

Try it and let me know what you think!  All ideas welcome.  Leave a comment below.

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3 responses to “Almond scrub

  1. Thank you for sharing this with everyone. I just felt bad throwing all the goodness in the bin! I knew it can work miracles, if not in then out. I am glad you liked too. I am still experiementing with it, this time i will come up with a dessert 🙂

  2. How about using a clean pantyhose instead of a cotton cheesecloth.
    The mesh is really fine and should drain fast.
    or a 2 time straining – first in a strainer to get the biggest grits out and than the fine “hose”.
    The grits can also be used as a wheat substitute for cookies!

  3. hai alia,
    you can also grind it together with rice & urad daal while making dosa.just take these grits half the quantity of urad daal.

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