Eidkum Mbarak!

Eid mubarak to everyone!

I hope you have a fantastic Eid and a great holiday.  Let’s hope we can all go back to our work and school routine after a restful loooong weekend.  Fingers crossed schools will be open 🙂

Watch out for my announcement about my upcoming ‘talk’ after Eid.  It’ll be exciting!

If you want to be the first to find out, make sure your name is registered on my personal email list.  You can add it when you go to my website click here.


One response to “Eidkum Mbarak!

  1. Faaiyaz Shafique Ansari

    Iam Faiyaz from Darjeeling Hills in eastern himalayas of INDIA.I was working in Bahrain around 1984 to 1986.I had Bahraini Shia friends by the name of Salman Jaffer Aish Al Ghanim near Kuwaiti Road and one was Abdul Mohsin Mohammed Ali Madan near Khamis.Since 22 years I have tgose sweet memories but cannot see them.Thanks to internet its possible if you help me to trace my old friends,My details wiill be provided if you reply.Thanks.

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