Swine Flu First Aid Kit – Part 2

I don’t usually write 3 blog posts about the same topic in a row… but I have to write this today because I am FUMING!

In today’s paper, it says that “Bahrain’s Health Ministry has ordered one million doses of swine flu vaccine from British pharmaceutical company GlaxoSmithKline.  A first batch of 40,000 doses for pilgrims, students with chronic diseases, medical staff and pregnant women will be available by mid-October… Other batches will be delivered in February and March next year.”

** WARNING: These vaccines are DANGEROUS.  They should not be given to anyone, let alone the most vulnerable (pregnant women and children!).

Do NOT take the Swine Flu vaccine and do NOT give it to your kids.

Watch the video below.

Your Immune Weapons

The most powerful weapon your kids have is their immune system.  It has been protecting them their whole life.  In fact, the immune system is the sole reason why the human race is not extinct.  A strong immune system can easily combat the H1N1 virus, so don’t let the media make you feel helpless.  I’ve repeated some parts of my previous blog post because they are soooo important.

Instead of sitting there feeling helpless and possibly anxious, here’s what you can do:

Weapon #1 – Refuse the vaccine

Think very carefully about the vaccine that is offered to you whether it’s the Swine Flu vaccine or the regular vaccine.  These are  dangerous to health.  Do the research.  Be ready to say NO.  I’ve written all about these a couple of day ago, so you can just read my summary to get all the information you need.  click here (Ridiculous Vaccines)

Weapon #2 – Boost your kids natural defenses with diet and lifestyle

* Keep your kids active.  The lymphatic system (which gets rid of any unwanted ‘invaders’) works on muscle movement.  Throw out the playstation and dust the bikes!

* Watch what they’re eating.  Are they having greens? fruits? wholegrains?

* Stock up your medicine cabinet with natural wonders (see below)

* Cut out dairy products. I’m serious.  Here’s why.  Milk and cheese will create mucus and make them less capable of getting rid of any virus.  Try almond milk instead.

* Give them more fibre and water – if they are constipated that there’s no way for your body to get rid of toxins and all the bad stuff!  Add more wholegrains such as brown rice and oats, and fill up their glasses with water.

* Reduce animal foods – these are loaded with antibiotics, and hormones.  These are the perfect ingredients for illness.  Also, animal products make the body acidic.  The more acidic the body is, the easier it is for a virus to live and thrive inside it.  A virus cannot survive in an alkaline body.

* Cut out stimulants – coffee, tea, fizzy drinks, chocolates…. yes, they all lower immunity

* Cut out sugar.  It’s everywhere and you know it.  Sugar lowers immunity for up to 15 hours after eating it.  So wouldn’t you think a better government plan would be to reduce all the sugar that these kids are eating instead of injecting them with vaccines?  It’s not a good coincidence that it was Gerga3on this weekend and all the kids are stuffed with sweets!  Perfect recipe to for lowering their immunity just before school starts!  ooops!

* Cut out junk food full of preservatives, flavour enhancers and crap.  Huge load on the immune system

* Avoid toxins – from smoking, smoky places, paint, bukhoor, etc.  See my previous post on why I Can’t Breathe

Weapon #3 – Natural remedies, your best bet

Ask your nearest health shop about these products.  Get them and start using them for prevention and also at the first sign of swine flu or any illness.  Follow instructions on the box or discuss it with your nutritionist:

  • Good-quality multi vitamin (taken daily)
  • Extra vitamin C (without colourings or flavours) – taken daily
  • Probiotics (good bacteria)
  • Echinacea (preferably in tincture form)
  • Raw honey (preferably Manuka) mixed with fresh garlic (acts as a natural antibiotic)
  • Bee Propolis
  • Olive leaf extract (a potent natural antiviral)
  • A herbal product called LOMATIUM root
  • KYOLIC (aged garlic extract) with ASTRAGULLUS

All herbal probucts (e.g. echinacea, olive leaf extract, etc.) should be taken for a few days and then stopped for a short period to rest the immune system, before restarting.  I usually recommend you take it for 5 days and rest for 2.  If your child already has swine flu, then keep taking it for 10 days and rest for one day until he feels better.  The multivitamin and vitamin C should be taken on a daily basis.  If you are in Bahrain, you can find all these products at Nature Valley in Juffair.  If you are not in Bahrain, check with your local health shop.

Weapon #4 – Alternative therapies

If you think going to the clinic or the hospital is the only thing you can do if your child has swine flu, you’re very wrong.  There are a number of alternative therapies you can do to help your child (or yourself) fight off the virus more effectively and in less time.

Here’s a list of the other stuff out there.  Don’t be afraid to experiment.  They’re all great.

  • Reiki (energy healing) – works wonders in helping the body heal itself.  There’s plenty of Reiki practitioners around.  Found one and get your session now.  If there are any Reiki practitioners reading this, please leave a comment below with your details.
  • Cranio-sacral therapy – re-aligns the body so that it is more efficient in healing any illness
  • Lymphatic massage or dry brushing – to jump start the lymphatic system in charge of getting rid of any virus.  Great for kids and adults alike.  You can do it at home.  Basically, you massage (or brush) the whole body in the direction of the heart.  Look it up online for more details.  You can also find a more detailed description in my book I Want Healthy Kids
  • Homeopathy – amazing alternative to the yucky meds.  You’ve gotta give it a try!

I will keep adding to this list as I think of more options for you.  Keep checking back here for updates.

For now, don’t ever think that you’re stuck with no options.  The human body has amazing abilities and kids in particular are fantastic at bringing themselves back to health.  Get your weapons and go!

There’s a whole section on immunity in my latest book I Want Healthy Kids. Buy it and read it; it’s a must for any household with kids (and I’m not just saying that!). Sold at Jashanmal’s Bahrain/Dubai; or you can get it from Amazon here I Want Healthy Kids.

And don’t forget to sign up on my website at www.AliaAlmoayed.com to be the first to know!


13 responses to “Swine Flu First Aid Kit – Part 2

  1. Hi Alia,

    A great post in the beginning and a very informative video, but am sorry to say that towards the end it looks as if you’re just trying to sell your book.

  2. Hi Jenny,

    Alia’s book is a powerful tool for any parent who wants to optimize the health of their children. I think its a great tool to nudge people in the right direction to improve their family’s health.. swine flu or no swine flu.
    BOTTOM LINE: A strong immune system can resist/recover from almost anything and Alia should be commended for being a crusader for this cause… Buy the book!

  3. Great suggestions….!!!!! Thanks a lottt.

  4. The only cure is prevention.
    My son housemaid and 5 year old daughter all had it long before it was in the news. My son and housemaid insisted in drugs and took much longer to get better. My daughter was treated by me the natural way. She stayed in a room with me that was aired several time a day, and I disinfected everything she touched with Disifin. Lots of fluids (I gave her a cocktail of herbal water that Bahrain is famous for fennel-sage-kazboon) Her temperature was fluxating every 10 mins from 37.5- 39 and back.
    She was tired but fine I let her body deal with it . And she was back to her normal boisterous self in 5 days my son and housemaid took much longer due to the antibiotics (8 days).
    I actually returned all the drugs that I had in the house to the healthcentre, as they subscribed for 2 of my sons (I have 5) the same 5 products, one had tonsillitis and the other had burned his arm on on the exhaust of his quad and skinned it too. He was treated with neem oil (he had virtually no scaring) and neem leaves as antibiotic. No infections etc. And that I have in my first aid kit for my house, together with disifin (disinfectant). No side effects, safe to human and animal.

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  6. Hi Alia,

    Which brand of mulivitamins and Vitamins C, would you recommend to buy?

  7. التنبيهات: I feel trapped! « ALIA ALMOAYED's Blog

  8. I appreciate all what you gave us from the scratch and everybody should wake up this time to rethink the previous lifestyle of the elders depending on nature not in artificial way.
    Dear Alia, I think you are also preparing to update us with any additional information. would you please see this Natural foods / Ganoderma Lucidem Mushroom- “king of Herbs”, Cordyceps Mushroom, Spirulina Algae and Noni Fruit; which can be very helpful to boost natural immunity, unexpectedly are rich in important elements and antioxidants? Try to say your professional suggestions after doing your research. They are really best food supplements which I and my family a lot of my friends too are using. They are available in all Gulf countries including Bahrain.

  9. Dear Alia,
    Great post! Could you write about the preventive/acute care dosages for children, according to age? I realize this is a lot to ask for but this information is hard to find. Or maybe you can point us to a few websites that deal with this. I found a very good one (www.doctoryourself.com) but it is not enough.

    Jazakallahu khairun

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  11. I aprreciate the information given by you. Pls keep up your good work

  12. hi alia, i’m a great believer in homeopathy and lettng the body deal with illness naturally. unfortunately ALL my friends go with the medicine option so i end up disagreeing with them a lot. please can you tell me. if a child is sick , to what degree can you let the temp go up to B4 giving them an over the counter temp reducing medicine eg calpol?

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