Children’s First Aid Kit for Swine Flu

With the start of the new school year (although many kids have been delayed till Oct!), many parents are wondering what they can do to protect themselves and their kids from Swine Flu!

I find it very strange that the only tips out there are ‘wash your hands’ and ‘take the vaccine’.  THAT’S ALL?  First they make people panic about a disease ‘pandemic’ and then they leave them with just those tips!

It’s like a bad movie.  The image I get is of this big monster that’s coming to take over the world and all people can do is cover their heads and hope for the best!  Instead, wouldn’t you rather see the characters in the movie getting their weapons and wearing their fighting gear in preparation for this monster?

A few days ago, I wrote about why taking vaccines for swine flu is a ridiculous option. Why combat an illness with something toxic and even more damaging than the disease itself!

Your First Aid Kit for Swine Flu

The most powerful weapon your kids have is their immune system.  It has been protecting them their whole life.  In fact, the immune system is the sole reason why the human race is not extinct.  A strong immune system can easily combat the H1N1 virus, so don’t let the media make you feel helpless.  I’ve repeated some parts of my previous blog post because they are soooo important.  Here’s the plan:

Get your immune system weapon (and sharpen it)!

* Your kids’ immune system is the only thing that will help them if they ever get swine flu
* Their immune system is not the same as everybody else’s.  That’s why not everybody gets sick in the household when one person is sick.  It’s not really about the virus, it’s about the body that will ‘host’ the virus!
* Taking swine flu medication or vaccines to prevent the disease will only lower immunity further and make them a better target!
* The media and sometimes even health authorities are not the best source of information about health and prevention.  They are not interested in health because they specialise in ‘disease’.

Immune system checklist.  Are your kids protected?

Here’s the list, as clear as possible.  Do as much as possible from the stuff that boosts immunity!  And quick!

What you need to do to BOOST your kids’ immunity

* Keep your kids active.  The lymphatic system (which gets rid of any unwanted ‘invaders’) works on muscle movement.  Throw out the playstation and dust the bikes!
* Watch what they’re eating.  Are they having greens? fruits? wholegrains?
* Stock up your medicine cabinet with natural wonders (see below)
* Cut out dairy products. I’m serious.  Here’s why.  Milk and cheese will create mucus and make them less capable of getting rid of any virus.  Try almond milk instead.
* Give them more fibre and water – if they are constipated that there’s no way for your body to get rid of toxins and all the bad stuff!  Add more wholegrains such as brown rice and oats, and fill up their glasses with water.
* Reduce animal foods – these are loaded with antibiotics, and hormones.  These are the perfect ingredients for illness.  Also, animal products make the body acidic.  The more acidic the body is, the easier it is for a virus to live and thrive inside it.  A virus cannot survive in an alkaline body.
* Cut out stimulants – coffee, tea, fizzy drinks, chocolates…. yes, they all lower immunity
* Cut out sugar.  It’s everywhere and you know it.  Sugar lowers immunity for up to 15 hours after eating it.  So wouldn’t you think a better government plan would be to reduce all the sugar that these kids are eating instead of injecting them with vaccines?  It’s not a good coincidence that it was Gerga3on this weekend and all the kids are stuffed with sweets!  Perfect recipe to for lowering their immunity just before school starts!  ooops!
* Cut out junk food full of preservatives, flavour enhancers and crap.  Huge load on the immune system
* Avoid toxins – from smoking, smoky places, paint, bukhoor, etc.  See my previous post on why I Can’t Breathe

Your healthy medicine cabinet

Ask your nearest health shop about these products.  Get them and start using them for prevention and also at the first sign of swine flu or any illness.  Follow instructions on the box or discuss it with your nutritionist:

  • Good-quality multi vitamin (taken daily)
  • Extra vitamin C (without colourings or flavours) – taken daily
  • Probiotics (good bacteria)
  • Echinacea (preferably in tincture form)
  • Raw honey mixed with fresh garlic (acts as a natural antibiotic)
  • Olive leaf extract (a potent natural antiviral)
  • A herbal product called LOMATIUM root
  • KYOLIC (aged garlic extract) with ASTRAGULLUS

All herbal probucts (e.g. echinacea, olive leaf extract, etc.) should be taken for a few days and then stopped for a short period to rest the immune system, before restarting.  The multivitamin and vitamin C should be taken on a daily basis.

If you are in Bahrain, you can find all these products at Nature Valley in Juffair.  If you are not in Bahrain, check with your local health shop.

There’s a whole section on immunity in my latest book I Want Healthy Kids. Buy it and read it; it’s a must for any household with kids (and I’m not just saying that!).  In Bahrain it’s sold at Jashanmal’s; or you can get it from Amazon here  I Want Healthy Kids.

Don’t forget to read my previous post on those Ridiculous Vaccines.

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16 responses to “Children’s First Aid Kit for Swine Flu

  1. Hi Alia,

    Great advice. As a mother the worst feeling is helplessness. Now I have a mission and feel so much better because of it!

    Am considering getting a small trampoline for the family. Heard tramplolining gives a boost to the immune and lymphatic system.

    Thanks again for the great advice!

  2. Hi Alia
    Thank you for the informative blog. You say to take herbals for a few days and then rest, how long is a few days and how long a rest? I also feel that cutting out dairy + animal products leaves my 1 and a 1/2 year old with not much to eat. How can ensure that she is getting her protein and more importantly Iron?
    Thank you.

    • Heba: If they don’t eat animal products they have so much else to eat: vegetables, fruits, grains, beans, nuts, seeds and so much more..
      In terms of taking a break with herbal medicine, I usually do 5 days of herbal medicine then a 2-day break. If your child actually has swine flu, then keep going for 10 days at a time with 1-day break.

      Nawaf: the same list in this blog post can also be effective for you (and for adults as well).

      Sara: I prefer vitamin brands that have no added sugar or colourings. I usually like to switch between brands to get a bit of each. You can try Mixavit, GNC vits, Biocare, or other brands that are sold in health food stores. I would not go for the colourful ones or the ‘gummy’ ones.

  3. Hello Alia, my name is Nawaf. I am 14 years old, I was wondering will they give us any medicine to take in school? I’m just worried to get the swine flu in school. Thank You.

    Ramadan Kareem 🙂

  4. Hi Alia,

    Thanx for the advice, the stuff you mentioned are first thing on my shopping list for tomorrow.

    Thanx again!

  5. Thank you for your advice, which I had already started with (although my youngest is the fussiest little madam in the world) I would also recommend parents who are hyper cautious to take their kids temperature. It doesn’t hurt and may help you sleep at night. But what I wanted to ask you, was do you have any brand of vitamins that you favour for giving children? It is difficult to know just how much is actual vitamin and how much is just filler. Please let me know if you have a favourite!

  6. Lasalam alykom
    thanks for your advices specialy my kids have very weak imune system

  7. Hi Alia, thank you for your advice.
    My daughter is 3 years old, i gave her multivitamins for 4 months and i stopped for 2 weeks now. Is it safe to continue giving her multivitamins. And for how long? No side effects concerning the liver and kidneys?
    I appreciate your answer!

    • N.K. – no need to stop the multivitamins (no side effects)

      Andrea – ready-made almond milk is ok, but the home-made one is much better in terms of freshness, nutrients, and taste (and of course price)! A lot of people bake with the residual almond after you ‘milk’ it. I don’t have any recipes for that but I’m sure you can find some online.

  8. Alia,

    I’m a garlic allergic person :o(
    Is there a substitute with the same healthy properties as garlic?


  9. Dear Alia,
    I have been regularly receiving your mails and really enjoy them a lot as they are very informative. I was wondering if you can suggest any way to substitute the milk in the tea.
    thanks in advance,

  10. التنبيهات: Swine Flu Kit (Arabic)! عدة الإسعافات الأولية للأطفال لمواجهة أنفلونزا الخنازير « ALIA ALMOAYED's Blog

  11. Alia, I am so excited to find you and your website! I have been working on transitioning our family to a vegan diet for some time now. I have been concerned about pressure to give our kids the swine flu vaccine once it come out. I have been looking for a dietitian online who could give my husband and I some specific direction on a vegan diet for all of us. I figured a virtual consultation would be the best I could do. I am so thrilled to find you in Bahrain!

  12. التنبيهات: Swine Flu Kit (Arabic)! عدة الإسعافات الأولية للأطفال لمواجهة أنفلونزا الخنازير « ALIA ALMOAYED's Blog

  13. Thanks its useful tips.

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