Ridiculous Vaccines!


I’m sick and tired of health authorities and pharmaceutical companies dumping their toxic vaccines on us and on our children. My annoyance has reached an all-time high these days with the swine flu ‘scare’ and the big hoopla created around it.

When will this stop?

Don’t you see?  So-called ‘pandemics’ are the perfect opportunity for pharmaceutical companies to make extra money.  In fact, these companies get richer as we get sicker.  And the authorities?  There is so much corruption in all the ‘governing bodies’ that you’re truly better off not knowing…

I heard an interview with a guy called Mike Adams and I got a real wake-up call about how corrupt the FDA is and how health (or disease) has truly become a money-making project for many people.  Basically, every time you panic about a possible illness, you are adding more $$$$$$ into the bank accounts of the pharmaceutical giants.  Don’t believe me?  Check out Mike Adams’ website on www.NaturalNews.com.  For his opinion on vaccines, click here.

About those ridiculous vaccines

Vaccines have been a topic of debate for many years now.  The most famous debate is the ‘does the MMR cause autism?’ debate.  But what baffles me is when people fail to see the connection between vaccines and ill health.

Vaccines have saved many lives, we know that… but what about all the lives they have destroyed?  Does anyone think about that?  I have received an endless amount of calls from mothers who say their children ‘regressed’ after getting vaccinated.  Thousands of mothers around the world will attest to that.  Their babies were fine before the vaccine until the day of the jab.  And health authorities continue to pretend nothing’s wrong!

As a mother, the thought of injecting strange things into my kids makes me very uncomfortable.  As a nutritionist I’m horrified at the stuff that goes into vaccines.  Did you know that thiomersal is a mercury-based preservative that goes into all DPT vaccines (and many others) to give them a longer shelf life?  Did you know that mercury is a toxic heavy metal that is horrible for health on so many levels and that mercury is the most common toxin found in children’s bodies when they are tested (many of whom have autism)?  Did you know that they have stopped using this preservative in vaccines in the west (US and UK I guess) because it has been proven dangerous, BUT they are still dumping the excess on 3rd world countries like ours?

What bothers me is not so much introducing the virus to get immunity for it (although I still believe we start vaccinating babies too early), it’s the horrible stuff that’s in there to ‘preserve’ the vaccine.  In her famous book Mother Warriors: A Nation of Parents Healing Autism Against All Odds, Jenny McKarthy talks about the horrible effects of vaccines on children and their link to Autism.  I don’t claim to know the cause of autism, but I know that there are so many cases linked to vaccines that we can no longer ignore it as a possibility.  The numbers are increasing and it’s about time someone started questioning the stuff we inject into our kids.

Parents are confused

This is an email that I got from (R) a few weeks ago.  I get so many similar emails from confused parents.

She says, “what do you think of vaccinations, with the schools pressing us to boost on the vaccines?? I am against them and my son missed the boosters at the age of 8 and his doctor advised me not to as the vaccine itself would have been more harmful than the chance of him getting the diseases … would appreciate another one of your newsletters on this … i am sure other mums are in the same predicament…”

I have to say that (R)’s doctor seems to be a wise one.

Think before you jab

I’m not totally against vaccines, however I have a few reservations.. Here’s what I think:

  • Some vaccines are not necessary (e.g. the chicken pox vaccine).  Some diseases are harmless and it’s much better to just get them and develop an immunity for them.  Many vaccines are produced for profit.  So do your research before you just go with the flow.
  • Some vaccines need to be given separately, not in combination, especially the suspicious ones such as the MMR
  • Not all kids do well with vaccines.  Kids should be screened.  Some kids are more sensitive than others (for example those with digestive problems or those with weak immunity).  Those should not be vaccinated or at least delayed in vaccinating
  • There are too many vaccines, most of which are unnecessary.  A 2-month old baby today is given a big concoction of 5 or 6 diseases at once.  I believe that’s too much, too early in age.  And each year, more vaccines are added.  The list of vaccines I got a few months ago when my baby was only 2 months old was really scary.
  • Kids should not at all be vaccinated when they are sick.  Many doctors have told me that it’s ok for a child to be vaccinated when he’s sick; I disagree.
  • If your child shows signs of reacting badly to a vaccine, trust your instincts no matter what others tell you.  A mother knows her child and will know if there was a change after the vaccine.  Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.

I know that it’s a tough decision to make for you as a parent.  Of course, I cannot make that decision for you and I cannot tell you ‘what I do’ because each child is different and the circumstances are different.  The only thing I can tell you is DO THE RESEARCH.  Read up on the subject.  The more informed parents are, the more health authorities will think twice before introducing another vaccine.  Make sure the decisions you make are informed ones.

*** Before I continue, I have to put this disclaimer: This is a BLOG post so it’s my opinion. If you have a health condition or a health question, you should consult with your healthcare provider. ***

Swine flu jabs – even more ridiculous


You only have to open the local paper to see the daily ‘health scare’ about swine flu.  Swine flu has been blown so out of proportion that people (especially parents) are genuinely worried!

The solutions suggested by the authorities are

Ridiculous solution #1- To give flu shots to slow down the pandemic.  I can’t believe they are even suggesting that!  To give a toxic flu shot to perfectly healthy people to prevent a flu that a) might not happen anyway and b) might not cause much damage in a healthy body!

And even more scary, they are suggesting that because of the scarcity of the number of vaccines available, they will give priority to the people who are most vulnerable: children, pregnant women, and the elderly.  ARE YOU KIDDING ME?  These are the very people we should be protecting from these vaccines!  Their immunity is already down and giving them a toxic chemical concoction into their bloodstream doesn’t seem to make sense. Pregnant women and children should not even be taking Panadol, let alone a flu jab! … Am I the only one who thinks this is ridiculous?

This is a link to an important letter telling you why you should NOT take the flu jab to prevent swine flu, or any other flu for that matter!  Please read it carefully and pass it on to the people you love.  Even more interesting is why women and children are targeted for these vaccines…. Go to this link to find out; it’s a fascinating read.

Ridiculous solution #2 – to give a swine flu vaccine.  Have these even been tested? When I read about this I just thought of the $$$ signs that are now appearing in the eyes of these vaccine makers.  They will sure make a lot of money!  Unfortunately, at the expense of our future health and the health of our children.

What ever happened to good-old boosting the immunity naturally?  Did even one article talk about how people can use nutrition, vitamins and herbs to help them out in this supposed ‘mega pandemic’?

GDN’s Les Horton talks about the parents’ dilemma in this article here.  And if you find that you’re confused too, there’s a great site that will give you good, sound answers.  Click here to see Dr. Mercola’s take on this issue.

*** IMPORTANT: If you read nothing else, just remember this:  vaccines are not necessary to prevent swine flu or the regular flu.  What you need in times like this is what humans have used since Adam & Eve – a strong immune system!

According to Mike Adams, “Vaccines are the bedrock of the pharmaceutical industry’s profit centers. Through vaccines, the drug companies can ensure generations of future profits from diseases that are promoted or worsened by vaccines: Alzheimer’s, cancer, Parkinson’sdisease, and so on. They can also, importantly, prevent people from taking responsibility for their own immune system health.”

Why isn’t your doctor telling you about this?

I have a lot of friends who are doctors, and when I tell them about the dangers of vaccines, the stuff in vaccines and their side-effects, they are baffled.  They all tell me that they are not aware of this stuff!  They tell me they did not learn it.  Nutrition, vitamins, toxins, and complementary therapies in general are rarely on the study agendas in medical schools.

So some doctors truly are not aware, some choose not to know, and others may have a vested interest in the profit that pharmaceutical companies make.  Although I have a lot of respect for the medical profession, I wish more health authorities would make decisions based on healing the body instead of the treating the symptoms.    Avoiding toxins is one of the pillars of natural healing and vaccines (and their preservatives) are a big source of toxins, especially in children.

Having said that, I still think that the responsibility of health is ‘ours’ and we shouldn’t be relying entirely on health authorities and governments to tell us what to do.  It’s up to you as an individual to start taking better care of yourself in order for us to get healthier, get more out of our lives, and ease the pressure on the health care system!

There are 3 great DVDs that I recommend you watch, especially if you are in the health care field or even if you just want a better life!  I’ve listed them at the end of this blog post.


Can someone please report real health news!

Let me tell you what you really do need to hear (instead of the scare tactics used in today’s media).

You need to know that:

  • Your immune system is the only thing that will help you if you ever get swine flu or any other illness
  • Your immune system is not the same as everybody else’s.  That’s why not everybody gets sick in the household when one person is sick.  It’s not really about the virus, it’s about the body that will ‘host’ the virus!
  • Taking swine flu medication or vaccines to prevent the disease will only lower your immunity further and make you a better target!
  • The media and sometimes even health authorities are not the best source of information about health.  They are not interested in health because they specialise in ‘disease’.

Real prevention

When I talk about REAL prevention, I mean really preventing a disease.  What many people today are calling ‘prevention’ is merely ‘early detection’.  That’s absurd because for example they tell you to have annual mammograms to ‘prevent breast cancer’ when that’s not real prevention!  Mammograms don’t prevent cancer, they just detect it early.  If you want real cancer prevention, you need to overhaul your whole diet and lifestyle (and no one talks about that!).

What we’re doing now is patchwork.  It’s exactly like mopping the puddles of water on the floor without finding the source and closing the water tap that’s causing them.  We are giving patchwork solutions to health problems that need root changes!

More and more disease epidemics are coming up, more allergies, more autism and learning difficulties, more hormonal problems…. no one ever stops to think that maybe the problem is the way we are living our lives!

Simple Solutions That Really Work

This is the simple breakdown of how things work with your immune system.  By all means, do not just take my word for it.  Go and look it up yourself!  Better yet, try it out and then we’ll talk.

Please note in the lists below how most people are doing more of the things that lower immunity!  We have gone so far off the health path, it’s no wonder people are falling sick left right and centre!  Take a look:

Things that will LOWER your immunity

  • Stress – yes it’s everywhere.  Especially when the media is feeding us with a ‘disease scare’.  The more you get stressed, anxious, nervous, etc. the more likely you’ll get sick!
  • Lack of fibre and water in the diet – so many people are constipated that there’s no way for your body to get rid of toxins and all the bad stuff!
  • Animal foods – there is so much dairy products and meat in our diet that we are loaded with antibiotics, and hormones from these animal foods.  These are the perfect ingredients for illness.  Also, animal products make the body acidic.  The more acidic you are, the easier it is for a virus to live and thrive inside you.  A virus cannot survive in an alkaline body.  See my previous blog on dairy products here.
  • Stimulants – coffee, tea, fizzy drinks, chocolates, alcohol…. yes, they all lower immunity
  • Sugar.  It’s everywhere and you know it.  Sugar lowers immunity for up to 15 hours after eating it.  So wouldn’t you think a better government plan would be to reduce all the sugar that these kids are eating instead of injecting them with vaccines?
  • Junk food full of preservatives, flavour enhancers and crap.  Huge load on the immune system
  • Toxins – from smoking, smoky places, paint, bukhoor, etc.  See my previous post on why I Can’t Breathe
  • Lack of exercise. If you are a couch potato, you know who you are.

S.O.S. What you need to do to BOOST your immunity

  • Start exercising.  It will save your life.
  • Watch what you’re eating.  Are you having a daily salad?  Are you having at least 2 fruits a day?
  • Cut out the junk: sugar, fast food, caffeine
  • Cut out dairy products.  I’m serious.  Here’s why.
  • Start taking vitamins (a good quality multi-vitamin and extra vitamin C)
  • Try immune-boosting herbs such as Echinacea
  • De-stress.  Massage, prayer, meditation, whatever it takes!

Of course, it’s worse that it’s Ramadan now and people tend to go crazy with bad food and eating habits.  This is the time when fasting can really help you if you do it right!  Get more Ramadan tips here.

If your kids are starting school soon, make sure their immunity is in top shape.  There’s a whole section on immunity in my latest book I Want Healthy Kids. Buy it and read it.  In Bahrain it’s sold at Jashanmal’s; or you can get it from Amazon here (I Want Healthy Kids).

Good luck and I wish you a very strong immune system!

Leave a comment below and let me know what you think.  And don’t forget to sign up on my website to be the first to get the latest health news.

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15 responses to “Ridiculous Vaccines!

  1. Olive leaf extract is another great natural remedy for boosting the immune system. I’ve been using it with my family recently with amazing results… way better than those chemical laden vaccines!

  2. Alia-Im wondering if you feel comfortable sharing-are your children vaxed??

  3. Alia, have you ever tried the japanese tonic ‘OMEBOSHI’? It is said to be a very alkaline food therefore improving your overall wellbeing. Also, what are your thoughts on green magma?


    • Both of these are great and alkaline, however I believe people’s health problems can be solved with a lot more basic measures.
      Omeboshi and green magma are great to add to your diet if you’ve already covered the basics of good nutrition…
      I think you’d enjoy my nutrition crash course teleseminar, I’ll let you know when I plan to do it..

  4. Thanks for sharing this amazing post.

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  6. Avon health authority (in UK) was sued a few years ago in a class action by people who had been advised/forced to be vaccinated against Hepatitis B because of their “high risk” occupations (refuse collectors and hospital workers were cited). They then developed major mobility problems in their joints and were unable to carry on performing those jobs, or indeed many other jobs.
    I work hands-on with recovering addicts, many of whom may Have Hep C, and I used to give massage to a patient with Hepatitis B, but after reading The Vaccination Bible, I found that the Hep B vaccine was ‘live’, so opted against having it. Five years down the line, I’m fine.

    I now work with children too, in the UK, but am pretty sure I’m not going to take the swine flu vaccination if offered, or Tamiflu. It’s only flu! Plenty of people I know have had the swine flu, and not one of then has died. Look at the Bird flu scare. Who actually got it in the UK? Can’t remember a single case that actually materialised.

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