Yes, an Environmental Hotline!

Remember when I wrote about how I can’t breathe in a previous post?  Well, I still can’t.  Mainly because of the lovely burny smells that we get here in the Hamala area from all those farmers burning their trash (which is usually cut tree parts, etc.).

About 2 weeks ago, I was driving out of our compound and saw a big pile of rubbish set on fire on the side of the street. There was a guy next to it, apparently very proud of his achievement.  So I drove into the sandy street shoulder and called him, opening my window.  I can tell he was getting nervous as he ran to my car.  I told him that this fire that he has going was against the law.  He shook his head, and I realised he couldn’t speak neither Arabic nor English.  So I simplified my sentence and pointed at the smoke and my nose to explain that the smell is bad and then I said ‘police’.  He got it, and apologised profusely.

I wish I could say that I knew this would solve the problem.  It just made me feel better about it at least for that day.

So, I decided to call a lady from Bahrain’s Friends of the Environment Society.  She gave me  an earth-shattering piece of information.  Apparently, in Bahrain this IS against the law and there’s an environmental hotline that you can call to complain!

Really?  WOW!

So I took down the number and waited for the next episode of smoke (which didn’t take that long to occur) and I called the hotline on their Bahrain Hotline number +973 17 785 659.

I was amazed.  They were so professional.  And it’s a 24 hour hotline!

So the guy listened to my problem and gave me the name and number of a guy who specialises in the field that I’m complaining about.  His name is Saeed Swar.  I spoke to Saeed.  Again, very professional.  And get this, Saeed made sure to drive to my area the same day and check out the problem.  Furthermore, I call him every time there’s a burning smell and he comes himself and tries to find the culprits.  He said he will keep doing that until we find them, one farm at a time!

Finally, my prayers have been answered!!

I am so proud of Bahrain for having an ENVIRONMENTAL HOTLINE!  If you ever see anything unfriendly to the environment, you have to call them immediately +973 17 785 659.

Together, we can live and breathe better and give our share to our beloved earth!

Bahrain’s ENVIRONMENTAL HOTLINE +973 17 785 659

I’ll tell you if we catch them!

Here’s the link again to my previous post about how I Can’t Breathe.

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2 responses to “Yes, an Environmental Hotline!

  1. environment friends society

    Dear Alia,
    glad to know that you have recieved help,
    and glad to know that you even started to tell people about the Environment Hotline

    Glad to help you to achieve that
    Please do not hesitate to call us if you need any help,
    we invite you to volunteer and be a member at the Environment friends society



  2. Hello, we are leaving in Hamala and facing the same issues today (heaving smells of smoke) and it seems impossible to reach the hotline (it is always busy). Over the last week, at least 4 night have seen this smell and in the morning, we are waking up with this taste in the mouth even the air is clean again… We have a small baby of 22 months and I am worried it might damage his lungs… Have you been able to find a definitive solution? Thank you for your support.

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