Guess what I got!

I’ve been looking for ages and I finally found what I’ve been looking for!

I’ve always loved beans and lentils and they’ve always been a big part of my diet.  So, over the past ten or so years I’ve experimented a lot with cooking them.  A few years ago, I was buying them mostly in cans, but I remember I’d get disturbed every time I read about the harmful effects of tin cans.  I also remember that I would ignore that feeling and keep buying tinned beans… Until I got enough courage to cook them from scratch.

So I started soaking them and cooking them for hours in water… It just took such a long time!

Magically, someone suggested I use a pressure cooker; and that changed my life!  The beans were cooked in such a shorter time and they were nice and soft…  BUT, there it was again, the little voice in my head asking me: “Is it really a better choice if you’re cooking it in an aluminium pressure cooker?”  I was always telling people to use stainless steel cookware which I was using anyway, but what about the pressure cooker?  I only found it in aluminium!  Oh no!!!  Sometimes, ignorance is truly bliss 🙂

I kept looking for a better answer….

Finally, the answer!

The answer came in the form of a company called Intercare.  Mr. Raju called me saying he wanted to come and show me their range of cookware.  Hmmmm, I thought… could this be it?

When he came to show me their cookware, I was blown away!  They sell amazing stainless steel cookware which comes in all sizes and shapes.  It is made of surgical steel so no chips, stains, nothing! wow, right? And the package comes with a pressure cooker lid!  yay!

And the benefits are just endless.  Here are just some of the stuff that I liked about their cookware:

Before I continue, I want to say that I have not been paid to say this.  In fact, I wish I was.  Maybe Mr. Raju will make a consideration when he sees this blog (hint hint) 🙂

Anyway, back to the stuff I liked about the cookware:

  • It cooks food much faster
  • It does not require the addition of water or oil, it cooks food on its own moisture (e.g. for vegetables)
  • It keeps all the nutrients in because the lid does not let out any steam or anything
  • It uses the lowest setting of heat, without ever burning the food because the bottom of the pots has three layers of heat-distributing steel
  • It never burns on the handles because they’re made of heat-resistant plastic, and you don’t even have to wear gloves when taking the pot off the stove!
  • It uses less than half the amount of water (e.g. when cooking rice or pasta)
  • It has dials on the lids that tell you when the food is ready, so no need to poke the potatoes,  set the timer, or put your face in a steaming pot to check
  • And best of all, it leaves food tasting D.E.L.I.C.I.O.U.S

I’ve been using my new cookware for about one month now and I absolutely love it.  That’s why I wanted to write about it so you can get your own.  It is definitely worth the investment.  It’s certainly an investment in your own long-term health.  And definitely worth it for you to just call them and let them come to your house for a demonstration (if you are in Bahrain of course).  If you are not in Bahrain, I’m sure you can call them or go to their website and find out if they sell the stuff in your country.

Where to find them

Here are the details.  Mr. Raju said I can put his name and number on this blog, so here it is.  Call Mr. Sreedhar Raju of Intercare Trading Bahrain on +973 – 1753 1642 or mbl +973 – 3990 4377.  And go to their website to see more

And, of course, if you haven’t done so already, sign up on my website now to stay up to date with the latest health info


3 responses to “Guess what I got!

  1. Dear Madam,
    I forwarded you a mail about this product on 21st April, hoping you can spread the message to more people than I could. I am happy to see your blog about Zepter . May this guide more people to live healthy by chanaging their cooking style. Don’t forget to share the new Zepter Recipes which you try.

  2. Intercare Cookwares are really a solution for my family’s health, their Service is so Personalised & in a so Professional mannered!
    Thanks to Intercare 🙂

  3. Waterless & Fatless Cookware from Intercare is must in everyone’s kitchen. As a Vegetarian, we are really enjoying the natural color, aroma, flavour & taste of the food which is cooked in it. Even after having oily food we feel very light.
    We started getting the real satisfaction after eating food from Intercare Pots since we are able to prepare all our traditional cooking.
    We request to all family’s those who are genuinely health conscious to consider these health care pots first before giving an importance to the entertainment gadgets at your home.

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