Heart Attack Grill?

A friend of mine sent me this link yesterday… I bet he thought it would scare me…

The truth is that it did scare me!  I was shocked and terrified at the same time.  I do admire the owner’s guts in doing something like that.  But I’m not gonna tell you what I thought of it.  I want you to watch it first.

Just watch this video and let me know what you think.

As you’re watching it, take note of the 8,000 calories that they mention.  Yes, EIGHT THOUSAND calories in one meal.  Ouch!

Leave your comment below 😉


3 responses to “Heart Attack Grill?

  1. oooooh really disgusting..specially the fries part.

  2. Hello everyone !

    Well…. This video is quite disurbing but at least the customers know that they risk their life eating there !

    There is no hypocrisy !

    I would not take a child there because of the food and the way the “nurses” are dressed !

    At last there is not DIET COKE laced with aspartame but there must be enough MSG in the food to provoque strokes !

    But let them enjoy junk food if they want to !



  3. This restaurant was very close to my house and I only went there once because I knew it was so unhealthy for you. Then, it closed its doors and I was like ” thank God”.

    Now I learned from the video that they moved to Chandler, and I could find them again,,,,,,,,thanks a lot Alia,,,,LOL

    Moath Almutlaq

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