Not feeling too well :(

It’s so true that you don’t appreciate your health until you lose it.

I woke up this morning with a sore throat and a low fever.  I hate being unwell, but I guess I had it coming.

I was running on all 6 cylinders lately, pushing myself to the limit.  And guess what?  This is my body’s way of telling me to RELAX!  I felt it coming yesterday when I went to the Garden Show and I was FREEEEZING!  I know all indoor places around Bahrain tend to be cold with maximum air conditioning in the summer, but I think I was more cold than everyone else becasue of my upcoming fever..

So, I’m gonna go rest it off now, but before I do that I’ll give you a few hints as to what I take when I get sick.

None of the off-the-counter medications of course.  That stuff just makes me shudder.  Here’s a list of the things that I would take throughout the day today:

  • Echinacea tea (sipped throughout the day)
  • Probiotics capsules to re-populate the good bacteria to help me fight off the infection
  • Raw honey mixed with garlic and apple cider vinegar (this stuff is magical)
  • Vitamin C (up to 2000mg a day – but not more since I’m breastfeeding and it might give the baby loose bowels)
  • Echinacea drops in water (3 times a day)
  • Propolis lozenges (you can either buy those in health shops or get pure propolis from a local honey maker)
  • I also put a few drops of tea tree oil in water and gargle with it every couple of hours
  • Plenty of water
  • Rest rest rest
  • And most importantly, patience to wait it out.  Sometimes a fever is a good sign that your immunity is up to par and it’s dealing with it.

Will keep you posted on how I’m doing over the next couple of days.

And I haven’t forgotten the ‘Pinky sauce’ recipe.  It’s coming….  watch this space 🙂

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