Finally, the almond milk recipe!

I got loads of replies to my ‘Wanna see what I eat?‘ post from last week saying that you want to have the home-made almond milk recipe.  And I’m really glad about that because it’s absolutely delicious, easy to make, and raw!

You won’t believe how simple it is….

All you have to do is take one and a half cups of raw unroasted unsalted almonds and soak them in mineral water for at least 4 hours.  I usually soak the almonds in the morning and make the milk before I go to bed.

Put the soaked almonds in the blender and add to them 3 cups of mineral water.  And blend.

You can sweeten the almond milk to your liking while in the blender.  I like to put two tsp. of natural honey.  Or you can add 4-5 soft dates.  Or you can also add some vanilla extract or cinnamon if you like.

Blend the mixture very well.  Then sift it in a cheese cloth (or any cotton cloth) into a jug and put it in the fridge to chill.  Most people throw out the almond residue that remains.  But you can try using it for certain recipes or you can do what I do, use it as a scrub!  Click here to find out how!

That’s it!  Can you believe it?!

I love to have the almond milk on my muesli in the morning.  Or you can add it to any recipe that requires regular milk as a great substitute.  I even made a beautiful hot chocolate for my kids once with almond milk and pure organic cocoa powder; it was luscious!

You can control the ‘creaminess’ by increasing or reducing the water you add.  Of course, it goes without saying that you’ll get more of the benefits of the almonds and their oils if you drink it unheated.

Leave your comment below and let me know what you think!

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Here are answers to some of your questions from the comments below:

– The water you use is new water, not the water that the almonds have been soaked in.

– You can leave the skin on the almonds or remove them as you wish.  I usually leave them on.

– How much of the almond milk you can drink will depend on your diet and health in general.  I cannot tell you how much you should drink but I will tell you that it contains fats that are better than those found in milk, and it is also suitable for children.

– For all the other questions, I can only say that almond milk is what I personally have and would recommend.  If you have a specific health condition, then you must seek professional advice that pertains to you.

– I am planning on holding a nutrition crash course soon, so if you’re interested in attending make sure you are on my mailing list so you’ll be the first to hear when I announce it.  I will take a limited amount of people.  To put your name on my email list, simply go to my website and fill in the form.  It will take 3 seconds of your time.


32 responses to “Finally, the almond milk recipe!

  1. When you blend the almonds, is the water you add to it new or the one you soaked them in?

  2. thank u Alia for the recipe! It sounds easy, will try it and let u know 🙂

  3. Hi Alia…thank you for the almond milk recipe. However I would like to know if the almonds need to be peeled before blending (or else what happens with the brown skin that comes off easily off soaked almonds)?

  4. Hi again…I also wanted to know how much milk you can drink in one go (like 1/2 or 1 glass or more). Plus, is it possible to drink this milk every day of the week, like regular milk? Hoping to hear your clarifications soon!

  5. thanx alia, will try it, will let u know the result next Friday 🙂

  6. Thank you for your advised as usual …. however I wanted to know how much almond milk my childs age 8 & 18 years can drink, and what about fat as far as I know almonds is very high in fat!!

  7. Great!
    I am going to try it tmrw. Thank you for sharing this secret.
    Would you tell us how to make your pink breakfast spread?

  8. hi Alia i always new ideas!! i wanted u to know that i have tried your recommendation of eating healthy nuts after eating an apple for a snake and i found that it kept me full&not feeling hungry.Thanks alot 🙂

  9. So great .. I’ll make it soon 🙂

  10. Hi Alia.
    I made it. It’s delicious!!! And I like it more than cow’s milk, cause almond milk doesn’t congest my throat.
    You certainly inspired me to cook and eat healthy. In past 1 week I have made some changes and adding more raw vegetables helped me feel less hungry and much lighter.
    Thanks again

  11. Hi Alia. Thanks for the great blog, I’ve really enjoyed reading through your past posts and look forward to your new additions.

    I wanted to share one of my favorite uses for Almond Milk. I call it Swiss Oatmeal but I’m pretty sure that’s a more generic name for a type of cold oatmeal.

    I put about 1/4 to 1/2 cup of whole rolled oats (not quick cook) in a glass bowl and then add a few golden raisins, dried cherries, and any other dried fruit that you like. Then cover with almond milk. I don’t measure, but just pour enough to entirely cover the oats and also leave a bit extra on top (it’s amazing how quickly it soaks up). I leave it in the fridge overnight and then the next morning put some fresh fruit on top (I’ve been using raspberries this week but banana, green apple, and any other fruit will work, you can also add nuts). I take this to work with me and it’s a great morning meal. Really satisfying and quite healthy.

    I’d also love to see an article on how you sprout your owns seeds at home. I’m really interested in trying to do it myself.

    Thanks again and congratulations on the recent edition to your family!!!

  12. I’ve tried homemade almond milk in Italy a while ago since then I’ve been looking for an easy recipe of it. Thank you for posting it here! :o)
    By the way, sometimes you can find almond milk in long-life box in Alosra supermarket if you feel lazy to do it yourself. Of course it’s not the same but…

  13. What is your opinion concerning soy milk as a substitute for cow milk and in comparison to almond milk

  14. DEAR ALIA,





  15. I will try it this week and tell the result … thank u very much for your all information … regards

  16. التنبيهات: Almond scrub « ALIA ALMOAYED's Blog

  17. Almond milk has 60 calories per 240 ml serving, compared to 121 calories for 2% milk. Rice milk has 120 calories; plain soymilk has 100 calories. Almond milk has 2.5 grams of fat. Rice milk has 2 grams; soymilk has 4 grams, and 2% milk has 4.4 grams of fat.,62553,64568

  18. i eliminate the soaking time by first boiling the almonds in a couple of inches of water for a minute or two, the skins then slide right off, then proceed with the blending. takes no time at all. as for the calcium in cow’s milk, the pasteurization process destroys much of it. two of the best sources of calcium (and other minerals and vitamins) are nettle tea and red raspberry tea. both are also good for breastfeeding moms. make infusions of these herbs for the best potency.

  19. Hi Alia

    Do you know how many calories there are in 1 cup of almond milk as opposed to one cup of skimmed cow’s milk?

  20. Its really yummy :p

  21. Thanx for the great recipe Alia,Is it ok to boil after making the milk?Does it destroy the nutrition value?

  22. it was gr8 tat almond milk , i ll do this n stop milk for my kids .thank u alia

  23. Hi Alia,
    Thanks for the almond milk recipe. I must try making it!
    I wonder what your thoughts are about rice milk and soy milk, and which one you think is healthier?

  24. التنبيهات: Milking aliia | AddaPost

  25. Thank you for the recipe. It’s great!

  26. Hi Alia Wwow it’s very easy and sound delicious ,,I really want to stop milk diaries but I don’t know the tips or steps ,2month now I have stopped eating meats .Can you send me your alternatives for eating cheaes and diaries .. Best regard from Asrar

  27. You will also need to be careful with citrus fruit because
    they have a lot of citric acid in them. This will save you both money and time in the long
    run, with you being able to get more juice out of each
    piece of fruit or vegetable that you put in the machine.

    Or would you rather go for low motor speed that will produce a more quiet
    juicing process.

  28. التنبيهات: حياتك بدون جبن؟ | ALIA ALMOAYED's Blog

  29. This website was… how do I say it? Relevant!! Finally I’ve found something that helped me. Thank you!

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