Wanna see what I eat?

Here it is! My food log – for your eyes only 🙂

Over the next 3 days, I will be showing you exactly what I eat (and what I do for exercise) in a typical week.  I hope this answers some of your questions and maybe even inspires you to make a few healthy choices.  But remember that this is what I eat, and I’m NOT necessarily recommending it for you.  Each body is different and you have to do what feels right for you!

But if you’re curious as to what I eat, here’s a peak into my day..

Day 1 – Monday 6th April

First thing in the morning, I had my usual large glass of water.  Today I mixed in the water a little bit of pure vitamin C powder and a spoon of a ‘super green’ powder which includes various kinds of super foods and probiotics.  It doesn’t taste great, but I got used to the taste.  And it really adds a zzzzzing to my day!

Breakfast (~7:30am):

About 15 minutes after the drink, I had breakfast.  Today I had a bowl of rice-based organic muesli with home-made almond milk.  If you’ve never made or heard of making milk from almonds, leave me a comment below and I’ll give you the recipe. It’s DELICIOUS!  My breakfast is a bit larger these days compared to what I normally eat; that’s mainly because I’m exclusively breastfeeding and I get really hungry!

Did you know that breastfeeding burns about 700 calories a day?  wow!  Great incentive huh?

It’s now 11:23am and I just had 2 large glasses of water.  Still not feeling too hungry after the big breakfast so I’ll wait before I have a snack…

12:15pm – I got carried away working on my laptop and just realised I want to eat something.  So I’m having an apple now.  A nice juicy red apple.  Yum!  Don’t you just love apples?  They taste so good and yet they are not too sweet or messy.  Apples make a better snack than bananas or mangoes for example because they have a lower fruit sugar content and more water.  We’re having a late-ish lunch today.  Maybe around 2pm… and I’ll let you know all about it!


I had lunch at around 2:15pm today… that’s usually when I have lunch because that’s when my kids come home from school (although they’re on break now).  What did I have for lunch?  First I had a bowl of pumpkin and leek soup.  Then I had some delicious mung beans with a cucumber dressing, sprinkled with sprouted quinoa.  Oh, and I also had one or two spoons of wholegrain pasta with a raw vegetables sauce (I didn’t have too much of this because I was full by then, but I had to try it).  My kids usually love the brown pasta.  Then, I had half a glass of water with my daily multivitamin (which I prefer to take at lunch).

Watch this space for my dinner and snack and I’ll also tell you what I’ll be doing for exercise today (as I spent the day so far sitting at my laptop and/or breastfeeding).  Yes, I love to exercise!

4:45pm – I just had the munchies. I thought I was hungry so I went to the kitchen to look for something to eat.  I stared into the fridge but didn’t see anything that I felt like eating.  I decided to have a large glass of room-temperature water and see.  It was just great.  Just what I wanted.  And guess what?  I don’t feel like eating anything anymore.  I guess I was thirsty not hungry 🙂  We’ll see what happens at dinner.


6:30pm – My kids are eating their dinner and I ate a bit with them.  I basically had some carrot and cucumber sticks and a bit of the wholegrain pasta with raw vegetable sauce left over from lunch.  I didn’t want to eat too much because I’m putting the kids to bed and I’m going to a Pilates class.  Pilates is one of the things I do these days for exercise.  It has had an amazing effect on me – not just in terms of burning calories, but in terms of muscle toning and posture too!  I’ll tell you more about pilates in another blog post.

Speaking of exercise, you have to remember that it’s not just the hours you spend at the gym that count toward your exercise.  Depending on what I’m doing, some days are full of subtle workouts anyway.  These days, just carrying the baby, changing him, and bathing him are serious workouts for me – assuming of course I do it using my Pilates instructions of ‘tucking the tummy in’.  Those daily chores can be a great bonus to my day (although sometimes exhausting!).

I might have a light salad or something when I come back from Pilates later… I’ll let you know if I do.

I just got back from Pilates and guess what? I’m starving!  I’m afraid a salad won’t be enough (especially not since I will be feeding the baby soon).  I opened the fridge and found some homemade hummus so I had a bit of that with some rice cakes.  Delicious and very satisfying!

Good night!

Day 2 – Tues 7th April

My usual large glass of water in the morning.  Today I took 2 capsules of probiotics supplements on an empty stomach.


Rice cakes with what we call ‘pinky sauce’.  This is a home-made spread that I made from a raw food recipe.  It’s lovely.  It’s like a cross-over between hummus and cheese and it’s made with almonds, olives, sun-dried tomatoes and a few other things.  If you would like the recipe for this too, let me know by leaving a comment below. It’s a great alternative to dairy products, especially if you can’t live without cheese!

10:30am – I just had an apple.  I wanted to have an orange as well but it was too sour, so I just had the apple.  And I drank a tall glass of water.


I had a lovely lunch today.  First I  had a large green salad with olive oil and balsamic vinegar dressing.  Then I had some yellow lentils cooked with tomatoes and onions.  And some eggplant ‘chips’ on the side (thin ringlets of eggplants cooked over slow heat).  Then I had this brilliant idea to mix all of the above and make a gourmet-looking dish.  My kids loved the experiment and said it looked like a volcano.  The combination was delicious.  I took a photo of it so you can imagine the mix.  A bed of salad leaves, topped with some eggplant chips and yellow lentils, and drizzled with olive oil and balsamic vinegar dressing.  Try it out, it’s really easy to make and it’s delicisous!

My lentil eggplant salad invention

My lentil eggplant salad invention

What about dessert? If you’re wondering whether or not I ever have dessert, then leave me a comment below and I’ll tell you 😉


Dinner today was raw.  I had an interesting dish which is basically a combination of raw vegetables (carrots, cucumbers, etc.) mixed with mint leaves and drizzled with a sauce made of crushed almonds, garlic, lemon, and a couple of other things.  These vegetables which were cut into long strips were then wrapped in a large cabbage leaf.  They looked like wraps, except they weren’t cooked or anything.  Very easy to make and tasted great.  It was also very light as a meal before bed.

Oh, and two glasses of water before bed too.  I know, it makes you more likely to get up to go to the toilet at night, but I get up anyway to feed the baby so it’s no problem.

Day 3 – Wednesday 8th April

Tall glass of water with vitamin C and green powder.

1 hour of yoga

Breakfast: lentil dosa with mint sauce (Indian style)

Snack: apple

Lunch: one bowl of brown rice with vegetable curry.  Large green salad

Lots of water

6:30pm – I had something to eat with the kids.  A bowl of green salad with chickpeas and olive oil/balsamic vinegar dressing.  And a large glass of water.

I might have something else later on, still not sure…

8:45pm – got hungry again so I had a bit more of the same salad from before.  Dark green leaves with chickpeas (cooked at home, not from the can).  We soak and cook a big quantity of chickpeas every week and then store it in the freezer in single portions.  It makes a great quick meal or snack.  When you need it, you just take it out and pour hot water over it and it’s ready.  We do that with various different beans.

I had my 2 glasses of water before bed and I’m off.  Good night!

Stay tuned for more blog posts about almond milk recipe and more….

I’m considering an adult nutrition crash-course.  Would you be interested in attending? Leave a comment below and let me know…

If you haven’t yet done so, sign up on my website to get regular health tips by email.  Here’s the link http://www.aliaalmoayed.com


52 responses to “Wanna see what I eat?

  1. I would like to know how to make milk from almond?Please,…thank you.

  2. Hello Alia, Congratulations on your blog. I would like to know where i can get pure Vitamin C powder from! In this current weather condition, it is essential to have it everyday.

  3. waiting for more ….
    almond milk cant wait to know more
    have a great day

  4. Hi, great blog

    My question is same as Deena plus what is the “super green powder”?

    BR Sheila

  5. Good Morning Alia & everybody,
    I remember, before two years i used to write whatever i ate in my little diary, and i found it really useful. Anyway, may i know how to make the almond milk?

  6. Hi Ali,

    let me know the recipe for almond milk and where to get the vitamin C powder!


  7. Hi there,
    powder VitaminC, super green and almond milk…Woooo
    Waiting to know where we can buy/make this and what are the benefits.

  8. Good morning
    I do very much value breakfast its a must to me
    would Organic Whole grain Musli work well?!
    Where can I get Powder Vitamin C and how can I prepare Almon milk?!
    whats its benefits

  9. Hi Alia…i like your blog….Vit c powder where do u get that from? Does it boost immunity and really works? Also wanna know how to make the almond milk. Waiting to read more of your health and eating

    And fyi,,,i won your Blog Gift, cannot wait to read your book!!!

  10. Hi Alia ,, I want to know the recipe too .. I also breastfeed and feel hungry when I go the the university 🙂

  11. Dear Alia

    Your breakfast sounds really good, where can i get the pure Vitamin C powder and super green and also the almomd milk receipe please.
    Thank you

  12. Dear Alia
    Please advise me the recipe of Almond Milk. Does it stay fresh for some time or does it have to be made everyday/very often. Is it good for children. Are there any limits to the quantities that can be had and what are the possible uses of “home made” almond milk?

  13. Hey Alia 🙂


    where can i get my hands on the super green powder?? been looking for it …




  14. Is the almondmilk more important to the breastfeeding than regulare person?

  15. Hi Alia,
    Nice Blog, Congrads……….

  16. I also would like to know how to make milk from almond?Please… 🙂

  17. Hi Alia…congrats on your blog and innovative ideas to let us have a peek into your daily eating habits! Please can I have the recipe for the almond milk and also know more about the super green and pure Vit C powder that you added to your tall glass of water ?

  18. Thanks for sharing. We do this on our website too and moms love to know what we are eating. I like how you say what you eat is not for everyone. I totally agree. I am quite a protein type and get extremely hungry very quickly without having a good source of protein – usually clean animal protein – with each meal and snack. Not a ton of meat, but eating some is how I feel best. Enjoying your emails and blogs – keep up the awesome work!

  19. Hi Alia,

    Thanks for all the education we are getting and can’t wait to know how to make or purchase the stuff.

    I would also like to know about the pilates, I wanted to start but don’t know where to go.

    Thaira x

  20. Very interesting and educational blog, thanks for your sincere efforts =) I purchase packaged almond milk, but, like everyone else, would love to learn how to make my own!! Also, I am interested in mung beans! I bought some abroad, not knowing exactly what they were, but realizing they were healthy. Now, I’m not sure exactly what to do with them!!! I would love suggestions 😉 Am also wondering about their suitability for infants. I have an eleven month old, could she eat them? Thanks so much in advance =)

  21. And now of course, I would also like the recipe for your ‘pinky spread’!! I can see your next book in the making: a yummy healthy recipe book 😉 Thanks again for sharing =)

  22. Hi Alia,
    It’s very interesting blog
    I would love to have the recipe for “pinky Spread” & “Almond Milk”
    Thanks dear

  23. hey alia!! how often can one take probiotic supplements and can they only be taken on an empty stomach .. secondly.. recipe for pink sauce!!! please:)

    mara x

  24. Hi alia,I would like to get the receipe for almond milk and pinky sauce plz.


  25. Dear Alia

    Its very interesting to see what yo eat, and pls tell me how to make almond milk,the pink sauce and more about the super green powder..where we can get it from. And why did you decide to take 2 probiotic tablets? Is Actimel yoghurt just as good?

    take care Henna

  26. hi Alia..

    i want to know sum healthy ideas for desserts cuz i crave sumthing sweet very often.

    Gud luck

  27. Hi Alia!
    Great blog!
    I too would like to know how to make almond milk, right now I buy vanilla flavored rice milk so it would be nice to have a homemade alternative. And the ’super green’ powder, can you pls let us know more about it and where to get it from. Thanks and see you soon!

  28. Hello my friend,
    I, too, would like the recipe for almond milk as well as the pinky sauce. I didn’t plan for breakfast this morning and just had a muffin from starbucks! Trying hard to slowly change my eating habits…

  29. Hi Alia…keep going! Recipe for pinky spread pls!

  30. Hi Alia
    I like you blog and read it at least once a day.
    I would like to know the almond milk recipe, the pink sauce and pumpkin and leek soup, the raw vegetable sauce for the pasta, and the balsamic vinegar salad dressing. I really don’t ask much, do I ? 😉
    Do you create a new mixture of veggies for every meal or u have fixed list of ingredients for the old recipes. I really do struggle a lot with new but healthy recipes and keep on repeating same old stuff 😦 Have you thought about publishing a book/let/ with complete family meal planer for 1 month? Or may be you will continue sharing your daily meals even after the 3rd day?

  31. hi Alia wanna ask you about almond milk and wholegrain pasta ,a very interesting blog. Thanks alot

  32. Hi are you vegetarian?! I like the idea of this blog post, but i am wondering where all the chicken, fish and meat is!

  33. Dear Alia , we all need to know wher do you get stuff like “’super green’ powder “.

  34. hi, i would like to know about the nutrition course which u are planning to conduct….also how to make the pinky spread….the almond milk receipe is awesome, thanks! Wanna know what food increases breast milk? Any ideas, welcome….thanks

  35. Hi alia, Thanks 4 a gr8 post. I wanna know about the pinky sauce and also th gr8 looking eggplant n lentil salad. I think u shd write a recipe book next and can u include some meat recipes too? I want to change my eating habits n if ur diet is an ideal one then the changes I have 2 make r HUGE!

  36. Hi Alia
    I really like your way of eating but i cant follow yours >>as ahypothyroid do you have any advice for us
    best regard

  37. Hi Alia,
    My question is same as Chirine & many others on ur blog.
    What is the ‘super green powder’? Where can we buy it, & the pure vit.C powder?
    Also, would like to know where u go for ur pilates & where u learnt yoga?–as there r so many places — Want to know which is the best place?
    Another similar question as others– how often can one take ‘super green powder’ / probiotic supplements and can they only be taken on an empty stomach ?
    Alia, there r many more questions in my mind, which could easily get answered if we can (if possible) view the answers u write to the various querries on this blog.
    Thanks & Regards.

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  40. HI ALIA


  41. Hi Alia,
    Awaiting for ur reply for my querries on july 5th 2009, on this blog post.
    Also which is the best Probiotic?

  42. Dear Alia, I would like if possible to know the ingredients of Your Pinky Hammus and Almond milk.

    Also, I would like to have information on your Adult nutrition course, when it will be commenced, the duration and the cost.

    Thank you and all the best

    • Farida, the recipes for pinky sauce and almond milk have already been posted on the blog. You can find them by doing a search in the top right box.

      About the adult nutrition course, just make sure you are on my email list, and I will inform you as soon as that comes. To put your name on my list, sign up here http://www.aliaalmoayed.com


  43. Hi Alia

    This is a really wonderful blog that u have..i am a person who is looking out to lose weight..is there anything that u can suggest for me..like some diet plan or foods that i shld include and ones that i shldnt be eating..
    And abt ur pilates class..what is that and where r going for that..i also liked it where u wrote on kids lunchbox items..i was jst wondering how children eat raisins..cos my son jst doesnt like that..and do u think that a boy of 5 yrs wld be full with that food that u mentioned..i was jst wondering thts why i asked..
    Waiting for a response frm ur end..

    • Kids usually like raisins because they taste sweet and they look like chocolate. Buy some dark raisins and let him try it. The lunchbox quantities you can increase according to the kids age. If you feel it’s not enough you can add one or two more items from the other options. But my kids (7 and 5) are usually full with that quantity because it’s just a snack and they come home for lunch. Good luck

  44. thks for the response ..hey any tips on reducing weight..i wld love to shed some weight..is there any diet plan u can suggest..

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  46. Hi Alia…. I just realised I am eating too much! Looking forward to your Adult Nutrition Course! Where can I buy your books?

  47. Hello!! This was the first post, which I went to, when found your site. And guess what? It sutes me PERFECTLY! Exactly what I eat, founding out by listening to my body-needs=))
    But I have a question: so, do you have a desert?
    And also, what would you say about fish, do you yourself eat it?

  48. Wow! It seems you don’t eat very much in a day! I love the idea of all the raw, whole foods. I’d like the recipe for the ‘pinky sauce’….I eat tons of hummus and it would be nice to have something different. Love reading your blog and listening to your radio podcasts.

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