feelin’ fat today?

Have you seen the GDN article ‘Obesity alert for women’ a couple of days ago?

When I read it I almost fell off my chair! It said that obesity among females in Bahrain is expected to reach more than 40% by the year 2015.  Can you believe that?  40%!!!! Apparently, Bahrain is the second gulf state in percentage of obesity after Kuwait (where it’s 52.9% in females and expected to go up to 57.5% by 2015).  Ouch!

And if you are like me and automatically think that 2015 is a long time from now, think again.  2015 is just 6 years away!  Remember 1999?  Guess what, that was 10 years ago! Yes, time flies and all the clocks are ticking; so wake up and do something now!

What can you do?

First of all, please don’t go for the option in the article.  The article goes on and on about weight loss surgery.  Aaarrgghhhh! I hate that stuff.  How can you have a problem that is caused by eating the wrong kind of foods (or too much of them) and then solve it by hurting the body more, cutting it open and risking your life.  I just don’t get it.  What’s even more horrific is that I’ve seen obese people who intentionally put on more weight so they can qualify for the surgery which is ‘reserved for people who are more than 40kg overweight’!!

When I help people lose weight during my nutrition consultations, I find that a big factor in their weight loss is emotional.  They are overeating yes, but the reason why they overeat or the reason why they eat the wrong foods goes beyond a physical problem.  Most of the people I see who are overweight hate their bodies and as a result hate themselves.  When I ask them about what they hear in their head when they look in the mirror, I get the most interesting answers!

Here is what many of the people I see say when they look in the mirror:

– Look at your fat bum, how can you leave the house looking like that!

– You ugly cow

– Look at you, you’re like a walking closet

– You don’t look good in anything anymore, where has your figure gone

And it goes on and on like that.  This voice inside your head is trying to protect you from change.  But you know that change is the only way for you to move forward.  Many people come to me and say ‘I’ll try this nutrition plan for a while, but if it doesn’t work, I’m going for surgery’.  That’s fine, but let me tell you:  No surgery in the world can get rid of that voice in your head.

Gaining weight is as much psychological as it is physical and you’ve gotta pay attention to both

Then I read on in the article and saw a fact that almost made me cry.

The World Health Organisation (WHO) projections indicate that globally in 2005, more than 1.6 billion adults were overweight and 400 million obese.  And by 2015, more than 2.3 billion adults will be overweight and more than 700million obese.

But that’s not it.  What almost made me cry is this:

At least 20 million children under five were overweight globally in 2005

Can you believe that.  Can you allow that to happen?

I always say that an adult has a mature brain to make decisions about what he eats, how much, and when.  But a child doesn’t.  A child will eat what he’s offered and will ask for what he thinks he wants to eat.  His brain and his judgment don’t allow him to make sound choices.  We as adults have to help them!  And what are we doing instead?  We are tantalising them with coloured products and sugary snacks.  We are filling them with ice creams, candy and chocolates because we ‘love them’. How is that love?

It just annoys me when people tell me ‘poor kid, let him eat his cake and chocalates’.  EXCUSE ME?  The poor kid is the one eating all that crap!  The kids I treat (or my own kids for that matter) are the lucky ones who are surrounded by adults who are willing to give them the best chance in life and will allow them to live out their potential!

If you are a parent or a caretaker, or a teacher, or in any way connected to a child then I would love to HELP YOU IMPROVE YOUR CHILD’S HEALTH.

My gift to you:bookshotreal

As a special offer to all my blog readers, I will give you a FREE copy of my latest book I WANT HEALTHY KIDS.  But you must hurry as I will only give free copies to the first 20 people who contact me.  Simply email me and write ‘BLOG GIFT’ and i’ll let you know straight away whether or not you made it in the top 20!  This book will change your life and your child’s life forever.

—– Sorry, this offer has already expired.  Thank you to all those who participated ———–

And don’t forget to tune in next week, where I’ll be publishing what I eat on this blog!


11 responses to “feelin’ fat today?

  1. Dear Alia
    Your blog and advice is inspiring. I am appalled at the facts that you have stated but am certainly not surprised. The food industry, especially the restaurants, fast food chains, media, advertisers have led the world into a death trap of obesity and excessive eating. The sooner people start listening to nutritionists such as yourselves, the better it would be for them and everybody. Keep up the good work. And forget about the occasional adverse publicity about your advice on milk. Minimizing milk products does help and I can vouch for that.

  2. It will be very interesting to see what you eat and may be at some point you could tell us what you feed your family. Sometimes I just run out of healthy eating ideas!!

  3. Thank you for sending me all this good advice Alia, I always read your mails and it also serves me as a reminder to look after my health in a positive way.
    BTW we already have your book at home, but thanks anyway!

  4. Farida you’re supposed to send that to her email shown in the post, and it’s Blog not Block.

  5. Thank you Alia. It was nice receiving your emails every week and now nicer with the creative blog.

    Wish you all the best

  6. Hala Dabbagh Shekem

    Thank you Alia for your precious advice. Looking at a mirror and criticizing oneself only leads to self loathing, and makes loosing weight sound such an overwhelming impossible mission. I suggest putting a beautiful picture of ones figure before obesity, and putting a plan of healthy eating and excercise , sort of road map to that beautiful picture.. Look at the picture several times a day and tell oneself, ” this is me, I am beautiful, and I am on my way there.” Then when I restore self love, I will surely do the best for my body and figure and will not want to abuse it… We never want to abuse what we love !!!!!

  7. Alia did you get my email with the subject BLOG GIFT ? I sent it this morning and don’t seem to have gotten a reply “straight away”. You’re probably caught up in something but I just wanted to make sure my email didn’t get lost in cyberspace! Thanks.

  8. Dear Alia,

    Thank you for sending me all of your emails and trying to do some of what i read from your articles ..

    I try to find you ..


  9. Thanks Alia for the book! Will be picking it up soon. I’m sure we’ll learn a lot from it.

  10. Thank you Alia for your health tips and regular advice.. 🙂 im looking forward to picking my copy of the book.. Thanks again

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