Cayenne pepper to stop bleeding?

I got this email from Reem yesterday.  I thought it was very interesting – and very well written might I add – because it defines the exact thing that frustrates me the most: why complementary therapy is not shouted off the rooftops..

Look at the email and then see my comments below:

“Dear Alia,
Let me first say that I’m a big fan of yours and love reading your e-mails and health tips and secretly really want to do a supermarket shop with you. I have adopted some of the things you have recommended.  However, I do take some things with a pinch of salt and have been known to be a little skeptical about some of the remedies and recommendations that you suggest. I do however try to be a good sport and give your concoctions a try now and again.

Something happened to me the other day that totally threw me and made me take a second look at everything and my staunch belief in pharmaceuticals.  I just wanted to tell you about it, and seek your opinions.  My motto is “The stronger the better”, and when it comes to medicating, I usually hit it hard!

Here’s what happened: I was preparing a salad for lunch and I inadvertently cut my finger while trying out my new chopping skills, fuelled by watching BBC lifestyle a bit too much.  It was one of those nasty cuts that was like a deep shaving cut that won’t stop bleeding, rather than a deep amputation like cut.  I counted at least 5 capillaries bleeding.  Anyway, point is, it was bleeding, and a lot. So I did all the things that I was supposed to do, applied pressure, raised my hand and got out a bag of frozen peas. It felt much better, but it still continued to bleed and I was getting annoyed, as it had already been 5 hours and multiple bags of frozen vegetables later. I asked my husband to go to the pharmacy for me and get some tincture that stops bleeding, and he came home with TeeGel, which, I cannot even come close to explaining how not amused I was.

I thought at that point that I would succumb and have to go to the hospital for some medical assistance, and then I recalled something that you said that the best remedies can be found at home.  I had read somewhere that suggested if you sprinkle Cayenne pepper on wounds, they stop bleeding. So, in a last ditch effort I did an Alia Al-Moayed, and I reached for the kitchen cupboard. I don’t know if it was the blood loss or what, but there were multiple images of your smiley face, strangely in black and white, around me. I got the Cayenne out and much to my husband’s horror, and my daughter’s confusion on why I was cooking my finger, I sprinkled. WOW.did it honestly felt like someone hit my hand with a hammer, and then jammed it into a car door. But you will not believe it. The bleeding stopped almost instantly, although the painful stinging lingered for a bit.  But I’m not joking when I say, I’ve never seen anything like it, well other than electrical cautery in the OT. The bleeding stopped just like that.  I was able to put a regular old plaster on it and that was the end of it. well other that growing some more skin. It was over in 5 minutes.

I just wanted to share this with you, and ask if you could tell me more about it.  How can the world not know about this? HOW?  My jar of Cayenne now sits proudly in the medicine chest, in full view.. ”  Reem Al-Arayed


Thanks Reem.  Glad to hear your bleeding has stopped..

Let me tell you why not everyone knows about the cayenne pepper.  Basically, because cayenne pepper cannot be patented and there’s no money in informing the public about it. Sadly, that is the case for many natural remedies.  The Gerson therapy, for example, has been curing people of cancer for decades using organic carrot juice, but millions of dollars are still being spent on ‘cancer research’ to find a (more expensive and chemical) cure.  There’s a lot of politics and profit in the pharmaceutical industry (I’m sure you know that).

If more people shout out the benefits of natural remedies, we can all benefit from less harsh medication and chemical concoctions that replace the simple magic that nature provides!

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10 responses to “Cayenne pepper to stop bleeding?

  1. good work keep with other common problem of common exper like pregnency in gcc upbringing children

  2. Dear Alia,
    I hope you have a natural remedy for both my son and daughter!! I’m willing to try anything, because I truly HATE giving them medication!!

    I’ll start with my son who will be 4 next month. A few years ago, as a toddler, he developed a bad wet cough (of course, we live in Saudi so the dusty weather is of no help) and was prescribed inhaled cortizone amongst other medications to alleviate his “severe allergic reaction”. I was told to continue on medication for months, and of course refused. After seeing several doctors, none of whom I felt comfortable with completely, I decided to try the basic one spoon of quality honey a day, and it worked miracles!! His cough disappeared, and ever since he has a spoon of honey every morning. Of course, it is not the supermarket honey but one we order through a relative who knows a family with a bee farm in ‘Hathramot’. We are currently vacationing in Spain, and the jar of honey I brought with me finished a few days ago. Yesterday, Bader was coughing all night, and he came to me in the morning asking me “if I had anything for his cough”. It broke my heart that I didn’t have any more honey, and I am wondering if you can give me tips as to how to choose a quality honey here. I am assuming that Manuka Honey is probably my best alternative, if I can manage to find it. I did find royal jelly ampules specifically for children, would this be ok? Do you have any other suggestions?

    Now, my poor daughter. She is 15 months old, and has developed over the last week for the first time a severe rash diagnosed by a local dermatologist as being urticaria (aka hives), an allergic reaction to an unknown trigger in her environment. Her entire body (from elbows to knees) is covered with this extermely itchy rash, and of course the doctor prescribed oral cortizone drops which I refused. I am also hesitant to apply the topical hydrocortizone cream, so am currently moisturizing with a supposedly soothing organic calendula cream, but the rash is not going away!! Do you have any suggestions as to what I can either feed her or apply topically to her skin to relieve the itching if not the entrie rash?

    Thank you soooo much in advance for your help, and thank you for this interesting and educational blog. I’m looking forward to your response and that of readers too =)

    • Hi Laela. For your son, definitely Manuka Honey. For better effect I would mix with that honey with some fresh garlic and apple cider vinegar. It will have amazing effects. Just a reminder that if he has recurrent coughing you should take out all dairy products from his diet, I’ve seen it work with many kids – it’s like magic. See my other blog post entitled ‘Life After Cheese’.

      For your daughter, I suggest you give her plenty of vitamin C. Try to get pure vitamin C powder (preferably buffered) and give her some every 2 hours. You should be able to find it in a good pharmacy in spain or a health food shop. If that fails, I suggest you look into homeopathy. I would also be very hesitant in using any cortizone on any of the kids. Good luck

  3. Thanks Alia for your prompt and helpful response. I have researched and purchased Manuka Honey, but am confused about the appropriate umf level. As I am sure you already know, the UMF levels in active manuka honey vary (the brand I found ranges from umf 5 to umf 25), what is appropriate for children? How about adults? Can this honey be taken regularly or should it be taken as a course from time to time? I am considering purchasing some to take back home with me. Is there a specific brand you recommend? Is regular non-active manuka honey any different than the average honey?

    I will try the vitamin c powder for my daughter. I also purchased pure aloevera gel for her today. Will try both. Thanks again for your suggestions, I wish you and everybody the best of health =)

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  7. I came here after watching last night’s episode of Hawaii five0. They used honey and cayenne pepper to treat a gunshot wound. I wanted to know if there was any truth to it so I googled it and found this article. Suffice it to say that I learned a lot.

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